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Deaf TV Committee at the Retreat in Rye 2015

The Deaf TV Committee has a meeting at the retreat last July as follows: Kerrie Mitchell, Julie Emerson, Julian Walsh, Sharon Armstrong, Ronda De Goldi, Micky Shipton and Mandy Gay.

Deaf TV at Vicdeaf's Gaslight Festival 2015

The Deaf TV President, Micky Shipton talks to Julian Walsh, Julie Emerson, Debbie Duncan and Donna Jackson at Gaslight Festival in Wodonga - the Victorian country town near the Victoria/NSW border in March 2015.

Drisana Levitzke at National Relay Service talks to Julie Emerson at Gaslight Festival on 7th March 2015. See more details in our YouTube - deaftvaussie.

For more information, you can join our Facebook - Deaf Televison or Deaf TV.

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